7 Reasons Why I Transitioned to Using Individual Lashes

If you’ve ever had your makeup done by me you know how much I love false lashes. It enhances any makeup look, it makes your eyes look bigger, youthful and more awake, the benefits of adding false lashes to your makeup look are endless. Over the last 8 years I’ve carried nearly every kind of lash you can think of in my makeup kit. Strip lashes, cluster lashes, individual lashes, and for a very long time strip lashes were my go for every client. I’ve always carried individual lashes but I never really used them on anyone unless requested by clients which happened rarely. Well that has changed. About a year or so ago I found myself reaching for individual lashes for nearly every client in my makeup chair, over time I’ve realized that I hardly touch strip lashes anymore. And I have to say, although I still cary strip lashes in my kit because I’m that over prepared makeup artist that likes to have everyone in my kit “just in case” – I cannot get myself to use strip lashes anymore, and here’s 7 reasons why.

Comfort – This might be the biggest benefit of individual lashes but they are incredibly comfortable. I keep hearing over and over from my clients “oh my gosh, I can’t even feel them, feels like I have nothing on!” They are so light weight compared to your traditional strip lash that you totally forget you even have false lashes on. Here’s the best way I can describe it, you know when you have a really tight hair bun all day and at the end of the night when you finally let your hair down it just feels so ahhh-mazing? Well that’s how it feels when you have strip lashes on and you take them of those poor tired lids at the end of the night, best feeling! Strip lashes are much MUCH heavier so after about 5 hours of wear your eye lids start to feel the weight of them. 

Highly customizable – Another thing I love about false lashes is how customizable they can be. Want longer lashes in the corners for a cat eye look? Easy! Want shorter lashes from inner corner to outer corner for a doll eye look? Done. You can achieve literally any kind of lash look. 

Longevity- I don’t know about you but one of the biggest makeup frustrations I used to have is being at a special event going to the ladies room to freshen up makeup only to find my lashes popping off in the corners. It’s the WORST! Well, I can say in confidence that this has never been an issue for me or for my clients with individual lashes. Once they’re on, they’re on for the whole night until you wash your makeup off.

More natural – If you’re more of a natural/soft glam makeup gal, then individual lashes are perfect for you. They definitely look much more natural, and “real” compared to strip lashes. If you have a professional event, like headshots for work or an interview, individual lashes are perfect way to enhance your look without being overly done. 

Great for people that are not used to having false lashes on – I used to mainly use individual lashes on my more mature clients like mother of groom or mother of bride, because most of my mature clients prefer a much more natural look and often they’re not used to having false lashes on. They always end up loving the individual lashes, it’s been a great success every time! 

No need to trim them as you often do with strip lashes – I would say 90% of the time I’ve had to trim strip lashes because usually they’re just made in one size and often require a little trimming. Taking the time to trim lashes can add up when I have a bridal schedule to follow and often you end up wasting a portion of the lash due to trimming it. No need to trim anything with individual lashes! 

Easier to apply – Now this one might be relative, but I find individual/cluster lashes much easier to apply. No need to apply glue with a steady hand on the entire strip of lash, with individuals its just a drop of glue on a flat surface, dip – apply, dip – apply, until the whole lash line is complete! 

These are the reasons that I love individual lashes and I hope for your next event you’ll consider giving them a try. You won’t regret it I promise! Below are some of my favorite brands for individual lashes. 

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